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Can the Third World War be stopped before it is decleared?

So I was wrong it seems, in suggesting that the attacks in Abiey would be what formally started the Third World War. -Not even the Libya-war did that. So what does it take for a nearly continuous series of wars, from Sahara to the Hindu Kush, to formally become recognised as a world war? That the war spread to yet another continent? -Like North America? -Or does it require a direct superpower confrontation? Are formal declarations of world wars a thing of the past, belonging to an era less shady but not really that much more brutal?

But what difference does it make to victims of war, or to soldiers for that matter, what a war is called? So can the Third World War, if that is what this is, be stopped before it is declared?


Alien Spirits of the Big Machine

Who or what, are really the little grey aliens? Or any of the other, typically humanoid, beings who appear in connection with the UFOs?

I tend to agree with Jaques Vallee, Robert Anton Wilson and others who see space aliens mainly as a modern case of spirit beings. Yes, I am talking of the elves and angels, goblins, ghosts and demons of traditional folklore, magic, religions and all the rest. If we accept this as one probable possibility, the only thing new at first sight is the modern technological look and feel of the flying saucers and their crews.

Many contactees, channels etc. describe these phenomena as transdimensional or fourth-dimensional and so on. In more traditional language, “transdimensional” sounds a lot like spirit-worlds to me, in the wide sense, covering any heaven or hell, kama or dharma-loka anyone could imagine. Let’s say these worlds are populated by spirit beings, a good general term I think, for everyone that are not physical in quite the same way as humans and animals appear here on the earth plane.

But technological spirit being, isn’t that a contradiction in terms? If these beings populate a technological heaven, or hell, however the case may be, they may be about to take on a physical form like the flesh we enjoy here on our Earth-plane. Some may have done so already, and there may be many others waiting in the wings. Whether any of these species of Aliens may have any physical form yet or no, is a fascinating question. With the increase of reported UFO-sightings recently, and rumours of disclosure being just around the corner, we may soon come to know…

Spirits of Big Ideas
Another question, equally important it seems to me, is what ideas these otherworldly beings seem to represent. I at least, have the impression that spirit beings tend to look like and talk like what they stand for in a much clearer way than us humans here on earth do. They also seem to want to inspire humans, with the ideas they express, as messengers perhaps of mightier entities beyond.

Hostile otherworldly creatures are typically perceived as scaly, much like the demons and dragons of traditional beliefs, or reptilian swamp creatures of more recent horror movies. They are essentially believed to brutally dominate. Benign creatures are reported to look a lot like elves or angels. Though instead of wings or pointy ears, they typically have big, all-black eyes, often with stars in them. A lot friendlier, they speak as if they want to teach humanity of such things as space travel, solving the problems on our planet, and the secrets of the universe in general.

Then there are the Greys who seem to convey the idea of an archetypal techno-creature. The resemble several traditional entities, in a synthesis I would argue, that make them something entirely new, something modern. In their big sunglass-eyes, some see stars and others see cogwheels or microchips. Greys are often reported as hostile, abducting humans, conducting experiments on us like we do on animals, indeed regarding us as animals. Are they merely projections of human guilt over how we treat other creatures on the planet? And if they are this also, does that mean that they cannot also be a lot more?

Some sources, like Zeta Talk, describe at least some of the greys as benign. Greys from Zeta 2 Reticuli who wish to teach us “Service to Others,” and again advanced technology to solve our problems here on our Earth…

Are they evil spirits trying to posses humans? Many on our planet seem possessed by, and obsessed with ideas of technology, androgyny, with clones, and with the idea of merging with the machine. As everyone must have noticed, all crew members aboard a UFO look sexless, quite identical, and they seem to be more or less part of their ships. Are these the spirit beings of the future?

Greys are rumoured to provide technological wonders, secretly teaching researchers at NASA. Maybe we are dealing with a modern cousin of the Dwarfs of Norse mythology, who crafted magical treasures for gods and humans alike?

Yes, to me at least, they do seem a lot like little people. But as opposed to the sturdy bearded Dwarfs, these resemble childlike faerie creatures, sometimes mischievous and wicked goblins. They do not however have pointy ears and noses. They do not have green or purple skin. Rather their complexion is a dead pale grey. They don’t have the horns or tails of the imp, nor again the noses. They have no ears nor noses to speak of at all. In fact their faces appear almost skeletal, like those of another mythological creature, the undead.

And still, they may also hail from a physical planet, like Zeta 2 Reticuli 4. What if they did travel through the vastness of space, in tin can spaceships like we try to do, yet vastly more advanced? But the journey was so long that they died on the way, and they kept going, for no other reason perhaps, that they had come so far. They were closer to us than they were to home.

Alien Gods and Ghouls
We Humans project our desires out into the universes. The physical universe where our bodies live, where the stars shine and many are the suns of distant planets. Even more so, perhaps, into the spiritual or mental universes of all the different mythologies, and all that that which may or may not lie in between.

It seems like every age, every society acquires its own gods. The industrial era has created something new on our planet. Who are the gods or devils inspiring humanity to build this “Brave New World”? Who personify the ideas of a mechanical existence??

The greys seem like the angels or imps, make your pick, of whatever gods may be out there, personifying the big ideas of such a world, where sentient life is consumed by the machine. Spirits that inspire humans to build increasingly wondrous machines, and remake themselves into the image of the Machine.

They may be a space empire attacking us? -A fleet of Techno-Goblins just about to emerge into our level of reality?? Maybe they want to persuade us to peacefully join them?

And maybe they really are undead? They do look a lot like ghosts or ghouls to me, and seem to hover between realities just like ghosts? Many say they feed on human fears, like ghosts are reported to absorb heat, pass as a chill through the room, or like vampires sucking the blood of their victims.

Men In Black, like Nick Redfern and others point out, resemble ghouls and vampires too, and they seem connected to that possible or impossible space-universe where we find the Greys. Thinking about Greys specifically however, the words Space Zombie Nazi Goblin Imp come to mind, also and the image those words suggest.

What if the grey aliens are the undead remains of a fallen space empire? What if they desire to get flesh again? Maybe they want to inspire humanity to change to become more like them, so that humanity may become them? And if we do, will we not repeat whatever mistakes that they made? -mistakes that killed them? Whether they destroyed themselves, or made enemies of other aliens that destroyed them?

Some say the Greys are messengers from the future. Are they warning us perhaps? -Mostly in spite of themselves, that if we carry on down the path of “reasoned” cynicism, of machine-like effectiveness, we may make ourselves so effective in the end that we cease to really live? We may become as a friend of mine put it, when I described these ideas about aliens to him, like the perfect industrial product.

The grey aliens may indeed be several, all or none of these things, and if nothing else, a warning from the collective unconscious of what we may become if we continue worshipping the machine? A soulless, grey, machine creature may indeed be what the Earthling is about to become.

Happy Halloween everybody!


Do attacks in Pakistan and Sudan signal the start of WWIII??

Is this it? Does the attack on Abiey signal the beginning of the Third World War? Are we looking at Chinese supported retaliation for recent US attacks on Pakistan?

 I got this idea seeing news of the Abiyan attack, and hearing Webster Tarpley on his program World Crisis Radio.

– That after the purported US killing of Bin Laden, and continued drone attacks, Pakistan says that it will not suffer any US attacks again without “retaliating in full force.” China then claims that it supports Pakistan, and that any attack on “Pakistan shall be seen as an attack on China.” Then the west attacks again, and the fighting in Pakistan is escalating. Cina and Pakistan are “best friends”.

What I think is this: We know that China is an ally and supporter of Sudan… Can we guess that the recent conquest of Abiey by (Northern) Sudanese government forces are in fact Chinese supported? -in retaliation for US attacks on Pakistan?

 And what’s more: Is this the start of WWIII??