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Do attacks in Pakistan and Sudan signal the start of WWIII??

Is this it? Does the attack on Abiey signal the beginning of the Third World War? Are we looking at Chinese supported retaliation for recent US attacks on Pakistan?

 I got this idea seeing news of the Abiyan attack, and hearing Webster Tarpley on his program World Crisis Radio.

– That after the purported US killing of Bin Laden, and continued drone attacks, Pakistan says that it will not suffer any US attacks again without “retaliating in full force.” China then claims that it supports Pakistan, and that any attack on “Pakistan shall be seen as an attack on China.” Then the west attacks again, and the fighting in Pakistan is escalating. Cina and Pakistan are “best friends”.

What I think is this: We know that China is an ally and supporter of Sudan… Can we guess that the recent conquest of Abiey by (Northern) Sudanese government forces are in fact Chinese supported? -in retaliation for US attacks on Pakistan?

 And what’s more: Is this the start of WWIII??